Bur Oak Trees

About Bur Oak Trees: bur oak trees are known as the long lived majestic oak tree. The Bur Oak is a tall, fairly slow-growing, long-lived tree, highly desirable for windbreaks, shelterbelts and ornamental use. The bur oak (you also see it spelled burr oak) has an impressive crown with a massive trunk, stout branches and corky ridges on stems, which makes the Bur Oak a picturesque specimen.

Bur Oak Tree Picture

The bur oak adapts to various soils where other oaks fail. The tree is tolerant to urban conditions. Autumn colors are yellow-green, yellow, and yellow brown. The bur will bear acorns in the nursery in ten years. It has strong wood and is good for timber.

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Bur Oak leaves are 4 to 10 inches long, with lobes deep and rounded, nearly cut in half by two opposite center indentations. The upper half of the bur oak leaf is broad. The bur oak tree fruit is an acorn ripening in the fall, and is over half covered by a fringed cup.



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